Dawn-of-the-Arcana-2 loki
Loki is the half-human, half-ajin hybrid who acts as the servant and friend of Nakaba, the redhaired princess. He also is a knight of the palace of Balquat. Ceasar is his biggest enemy. It is later revealed that he is Nakaba's brother.


Loki comes from the same village as Nakaba. He lived alongside other aijins and humans (one of them was Nakaba's mother). When the village was attacked and destroyed he decided to protect Nakaba, after Nakaba's mother covered her and Loki from a knight and told them to run to the castle.

Loki is Nakaba's brother, and has the same parents as her. Loki's father was an ajin, his mother being a human. The relationship between the two species is taboo, and both Loki and Nakaba are taboo children too, being half ajin and half human. Nakaba is human in appearance, but Loki has his ears and tail. Because of this, Loki has to pretend that he is the servant of Nakaba.

Loki possesses the Arcana of Time, and uses it to protect Nakaba in any way possible.

In the castle Nakaba was treated as an inferior and he would go wide lenghts to make her life as comfortable as possible - even if that meant that he himself and his friends had to suffer.

Everyone seems to think he is a dog aijin - even Nakaba who has been with him since young - but he's actually a wolf aijin.


Loki has black hair which is very unusual for an aijin and has an overall beautiful appearance. His eyes are blue. Under his hair, is a right eye which turns red as blood while he uses The Arcana of Time. Beneath his left eye is a small tattoo. Besides having the ears of a wolf he also has a furry tail.

Usually he wears the uniform of a knight but sometimes we can see him wearing a coat over it.


Loki has a calm and regal demeanor. He is quiet and collected and very loyal to Nakaba. He is very martyr like and protects Nakaba above all. But though he hides it he is very lonely and resents Nakaba because he is forced to be her servant when they are siblings and that she was born looking human and he ajin,which fills him with guilt. After his village was attacked and him mother, Stesha was killed Loki started to despise humans stemming from the fact that the king of Senan knew who Loki's mother was and his treatment of Nakaba and Loki.